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Become an Entrepreneur with Omoco

Become an enterpreneur with Omoco

For VoIP WLL operators

If you’re a VoIP provider, then Omoco is a profitable business opportunity for you. It helps you become a Wireless Local Loop (WLL) provider, allowing your users to make international calls at VoIP rates. That means a surge in your subscriber base and a jump in your revenue.

Commercial avenues for VoIP providers

You can also connect Omoco to your network to provide GSM coverage for any area. This requires no change in the VoIP wired service, so you can hand out multiple numbers to every user. It also has the unique option of providing a local, national and an international number allowing subscribers to make calls anywhere in the world.

Business model for VoIP

Quite similar to the VoIP service provider model, the only change in our business model for VoIP is that we replace your fixed line IP with an Omoco solution and you replace the community fixed line phones with a GSM mobile phone of less than 15 USD for your users.

You can also become a Rural Service Provider, take a loan from a micro-finance institution to start your own village communication network and connect to the outside world through a VoIP operator all with the help of Omoco GSM solution.