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Rural Wireless Network Solution

Rural Communities

Omoco’s private GSM network is an easy-to-install, cost-effective rural wireless solution to the problem of last-mile network disconnect. Rural communities with small populace have little or no network connectivity. Capital and power-intensive telecom services led by large telecom firms are a non-viable business if set up in these villages. Omoco’s private GSM works as an affordable, solar-powered rural cellular network solution meant for such communities. It integrates with VoIP, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operators or any cellular network, making delivery of voice, SMS and data services in low-income rural areas, a highly viable business.

Rural communities can easily commission and quickly install Omoco’s rural wireless solution, just like a Wi-Fi access point, so that they have a complete GSM solution up and running in just a few hours. The GSM network-in-a-box is capable of running as a standalone BTS, integrated BTS and BSC in a fully autonomous mode. Easy application & simple configuration of Omoco’s Rural GSM along with regional language support makes it easy for the locals to deploy the solution and manage the site.

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Key Highlights

Key highlights -
- Deploy-it-yourself : Unskilled locals can install the rural wireless network & manage the site
- Ease-of-use : Compact & easy to carry to rural and remote sites for quick deployment
- International standards-based : Designed specifically for rural and remote areas
- Low power dependency : Solar powered GSM variant available for off-grid areas

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