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Private Mobile Network Solution For Remote Industries

Remote Industries

Remote Industries are set up far from residential areas - falling out of range of basic network connectivity. Employees remain isolated from the mainland and prone to safety risks without a functional telecom network in place. Omoco's network-in-a-box is a wireless network solution for remote industries that brings uninterrupted network, both indoors and outdoors. Its affordable, easy-to-install mobile network technology brings employees within reach and empowers remote industries to run a mobile network of their own.

Omoco’s certified system meets the international 3GPP standards. Remote industries can easily integrate it with core network elements of any mobile network operator or VoIP operator. That means your employees can make and receive calls to and from the external world. With services like voice, SMS & data, coupled with an IP-65 enclosure for all-weather-proof deployment, Omoco’s wireless network solution is ideal for bringing connectivity to remote industries.

Ideal for

- Oil refineries and chemical plants
- Mines and coal fields
- Nuclear/thermal/hydroelectric power plants
- Gas fields

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Key Highlights

- Stand-alone mode
- Quick and easy deployment
- Privately owned & remotely managed
- Wireless coverage across the site for large capacity
- Low Opex and Capex
- Fully standards compliant
- Better performance and inter-operability
- IP interfaces with local call switching, no local call costs
- Extends wireless PBX services on GSM Network
- Voice and data connectivity across the vast spread of remote plant sites
- Remote management of automated machines
- Can be extended for macro network coverage
- Reduced backhaul costs
- Standard handset support

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