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Machine-to-Machine Communication

Machine-To-Machine Communication

For M2M to function at industrial scale you need a dedicated, cost-effective, quickly-deployable and secure GSM network. Uncommitted networks, limited data applications and inter-operability are basic issues that make existing networks obsolete for M2M communication.

Enter Omoco: A network-in-a-box BTS that enables large capacity and coverage. It allows 100% customization as per your business requirements, without the need for depending on macro-networks. All of which means better technology, seamless connectivity, better M2M performance and customer satisfaction - combined with lower cost of network ownership.

The various applications of M2M communication with Omoco include, but are not limited to:

Energy monitoring

Omoco helps M2M communication between systems monitoring energy consumption of a building or project. Data like amount of power used, states of apparatus, and bill tracking be collected and stored in a central database for further analysis.

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Renewable energies

Energy plants like wind, biomass, and sunlight need constant tracking. Omoco helps reduce manual interference for monitoring and maintenance of energy plants by bringing seamless communication between multiple tracking machines and display information systems.

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Omoco helps with uninterrupted and efficient M2M communication for application in automatic steering systems, based on positioning mechanism and precision farming.

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