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Wireless Network Solution For Luxury Areas


Omoco makes it possible for you to connect effortlessly even within the compounds of a luxury retreat on the outskirts - no matter how disconnected it is from the city. Properties usually located in isolation often fall short of an all-around network coverage. Most network operators don’t guarantee in-building network coverage - leaving hotels, ranches and other luxury hideouts with patchy connectivity.

With Omoco, luxury enterprises and individuals alike can easily commission and build their own mobile network that gives them dedicated coverage.
Omoco’s GSM network-in-a-box is capable of running as a standalone BTS, integrated BTS and BSC in a fully autonomous mode.

Ideal for

- Yachts
- Villas
- Ranches
- Farm houses

Key Highlights

- Build your own mobile network for luxury areas
- Private and secure communication system
- Small and highly integrated – easy to carry GSM network
- Interworking with existing enterprise/ service provider infrastructure
- Connect to multiple service providers (VoIP, PLMN)
- Scalable architecture
- Multi-location enterprise network
- Guaranteed coverage and capacity
- Multiple backhaul connectivity option – radio, fiber, and satellite
- Choice of handsets & smart-phones
- Superior coverage than DECT
- DAS for up to 8 floors of approx. 10,000 so. ft. each
- Unskilled locals can install and manage
- Quick deployment
- Very low power consumption and all-weather reliability