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Wireless Network Solution For Enterprises


An average mobile user spends 80% of their time indoors. Sub-standard in-building signals often impact enterprise productivity negatively. While telecoms continue to build strong infrastructure outdoors, indoor networks remain largely patchy. Current solutions for a decent network coverage in a building are costly to deploy and difficult to install. Enter Omoco - our enterprise wireless solutions can provide seamless indoor mobile network to offices with easy installation and reasonable capex.

Corporate voice usage is picking up the pace faster than a bullet. Employees prefer a single handset for personal and professional use and no longer want to bear the burden of dated intercom connections. But indoor network services aren’t keeping up with the increasing demand for quality voice services. Installing Omoco's enterprise wireless solution resolves the issue of poor network coverage inside an office building. That means every corporate owns and operates on a mobile network of its own instead of waiting for service improvements on the existing networks.

Ideal for

- Hospitals
- Airports
- Office campuses
- Hotels / Resorts

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Key Highlights

- Unified platform for GSM services
- Small and highly integrated
– Easy to carry GSM network
- Local voice offload
- Interworking with existing enterprise/ service provider infrastructure
- Connect to multiple service providers (VoIP, PLMN)
- Scalable architecture
- Multi-location enterprise network
- Guaranteed coverage and capacity
- Multiple backhaul connectivity option – radio, fibre and satellite
- Choice of handsets & smart-phones
- Superior coverage than DECT
- DAS for up to 8 floors of approx. 10,000 sq. ft. each
- Connect different buildings of the same corporate via IP network
- Quick deployment
- Easily manageable by IT

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