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Wireless Network Solution For Disaster-hit-areas

Disaster-Hit Areas

With Omoco, you can make sure that disaster doesn’t mean delayed help. The portable and robust wireless network solution helps create a timely network bubble that’s invaluable in times of emergencies like earthquakes, floods, forest fires and suchlike. Each field-deployable Omoco NIB unit creates a secure, private and global disaster response network independently or integrating with an Omoco Central Controller. The Central Network provides quick and easy communication instantly via connectivity to fixed-line, mobile and IP Networks.

The disaster response network solution enables receiving calls from around the world with an easy link-up to an IP-Backhaul or integration with an IP-BBX, allowing those affected in these areas to get in touch with their families back home, wherever their home may be.

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Key Highlights

- Local switching reduces satellite usage and allows local PSTN connectivity ‘in-the-field’
- Seamless ‘roaming’ between field units, and optionally to public GSM network
- Private and secure communication system
- All-IP wireless platform, easy integration with the existing network infrastructure
- Range: 1000+ meters
- Extended geographical coverage (more than 2 km. with 15 meters. mast)
- Integrates seamlessly with PABX, satellites and IP radios
- Plug-and-play wireless voice and data
- Very low power consumption
- Robust and modular system
- Cost-effective high-quality secure voice communication
- All-weather reliability
- Built-in GSM elements, MSC/VLR, HLR, SMSC, AuC, SGSN/GGSN and IWF
- Satellite backhaul, compression techniques reduce IP satellite bandwidth usage

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