The business of connectivity

20% people are still offline and unconnected, globally. If connected, these 1.5 billion people could find jobs, pursue global businesses, and add huge value to the global economy. If connected, these 1.5 billion people could be your customers.


Rural - Connectivity

In the face of fierce technological developments in the telecom industry, is your business ready for the rural?


Flyer - Rural

Across the globe governments are taking steps to implement communication solution for all their residents because communication infrastructure is a reflection of countries economy.


Flyer - Remote

Business incentives like reducing risk associated with working on remote sites have led industrial players to consider ways of minimising the expenditure On operational mobility.


Flyer - Luxury Homes

We’ve gotten to the point where each one of us wants to use our phone everywhere. But is it too much to expect a seamless wireless network coverage wherever we are?


Flyer - Enterprises

For you and your employees, to profitably make it to the next quarter as the last is the only priority. In all this, depreciating mobile networks in your office don’t get the attention they should.


Flyer - Disaster

The inability of our public safety officials to readily communicate with one another threatens the public’s safety and often results in unnecessary loss of lives and property.


Connecting Educational Institutes

Omoco can simulate a complete mobile network in a lab environment so that students can gain a first-hand, practical learning experience.


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