The Power Of Wireless Mobile Network Now In A Do-It-Yourself Solution

Have you stopped to think about the needs of communications that may exist in a rural environment? 

News Summary:

  •  The Shared Network project by the SCT aims to boost telecommunication services coverage and promote competitive prices by optimizing the use of the allocated spectrum (700 MHz band), reducing costs and increasing geographic coverage in unserved regions.
  • Through innovative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions in wireless communications, people can set up secure private mobile networks, get connected and be empowered.

Whether you live in urban high rises or a rural area, seamless mobile connectivity remains an unfulfilled desire. Just like Pedro, a 22-year-old from a rural community in Chihuahua; who recently graduated from the state University and is a proud first from his family. With sense of achievement and years of hardwork ; he got himself a successful interview .

Little did Pedro’s know that his hopes would be shattered all because of the place he stays in. The dream company he interviewed for, decided to go with someone else, only because they couldn’t reach out to him to make an offer.  His village turned out to be a disadvantage for him , because of zero mobile network.

Scenarios like Pedro’s are just one example of how important it is to be always connected, especially when it comes to solving critical situations.

According to the “Diagnosis of the ICT Sector in Mexico”, prepared by the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), says that 20% of the population in rural areas with low-income do not have internet services because it’s just not an attractive market for companies.

While urban areas face interference and call drops, many rural community residents travel miles in search of a network signal that enables them to make a call.  Although telecommunications reform which came into force in 2013, has generated important changes for users, such as increased competition and lower prices for consumers, particularly in fixed-line and mobile telephony services; the great task to connect to more than 50 million Mexicans is still pending, says Mediatelecom Policy & Law, a firm of public policies and regulation of telecommunications and information technologies.

According to the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) there are more than 188,000 scattered locations in Mexico with an average population of 138 people per location and 49% of its population working activities of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing and hunting.

The federal government is working hard to build a telecommunications network with extensive nationwide coverage that allows providing telecommunications services in all corners of the country; as in the case of newly issued project Shared Network by the SCT (Communications and Transportation Ministry), which is expected to cover services such as Internet and mobile broadband, among others, to at least 85% of the population including remote villages and rural areas. But all of this would not see the light of the day until 2023.

Is there a solution ? Any alternative?

Well, Of course there is a way to deal with the challenges of network connectivity through the newest, simplest, and the most secure  DIY telecom devices, that are now available readily .  This technology is easy to deploy and operate that allow people with  Zero skills to set a mobile telecommunications network of their own, even in the most remote areas.

“Do-It-Yourself” Connectivity or “Network in a box solution” as we like to call it

Network in a box solution is a private GSM network in a box, that provides you with the perfect business opportunity, and caters to these connectivity gaps. The technology has been developed by Omoco, which is an innovative company, designing and developing wireless mobile network boxes that are just plug in and play communication solution.

That means Omoco enables anybody to set up an affordable and a secure private mobile networks and be connected and be empowered.

Bhawana Daga, Head of Marketing and Communications at Omoco, notes that in this globalized world “having mobile communications has become a must for everyone, everywhere. However one can still find places, that still remains in zero coverage or in the best case only limited access network coverage,”.

With a Do-It-Yourself focus, Omoco solution can rapidly deploy a GSM/EDGE network in a matter of few hours. That is as easy as plugging in a router.

Some of the benefits of Omoco’s solutions are:

Universal Network. The cellular network is scalable and compatible with all types of mobile equipment. The system provides network signals for mobile phones, without presenting any lag; allowing mobile phone users within the network, make calls anywhere in the world.

Wireless and easy to set-up. Regularly, mobile networks are bulky and with many network components; however, Omoco’s network-in-a-box solution is absolutely wireless and can be functional as a standalone unit that can with stand any terrain. It does not require a data center, cooled warehouses or maintenance in harsh climates.

Light and environment  friendly. The network in a box solution works with a minimum of energy and can also run on solar energy. Best of all, the built-in antenna receiver consumes only up to 2 watts of power, which is equivalent to using two AA batteries.

Compatible with any device. Unlike other packaged mobile networks systems, Omoco’s technology works with any type of mobile devices with Internet access to personal SIM card. Letting the users buy their favorite smartphones without any restriction.

Currently, telecommunications services are fundamental to many activities related to our daily lives, representing  more than a luxury, it is a necessity; therefore, it is essential to find options to resolve these claims of communications requirements in remote environments, and much better if it can be solved with reachable, affordable, reliable, and easy to install and maintain technology.

“In Omoco we’re driven by the vision to improve connectivity in remote locations and touch more lives, our Do-It-Yourself platform is an optimal solution to the problems of lack of communication in areas of difficult access that can run complete GSM/EDGE services or just work as a radio, so no matter the distance people are always a phone call away”, finished Bhawana.


About Omoco

Omoco is an innovative product that aims to transform the world of communication and bring about an all-inclusive change and progress to remote & underserved network areas. Omoco uses wireless communications to set up secure private mobile networks, empower these communities and enterprises and make them a part of the growing communication revolution. Visit to know more.

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