The Network In A Box- A Solution to End Rural Network Despair

So many handsets, not enough Mobile Network, that is a common scenario in the rural Mexico. Literate communities, bustling with youth wanting to learn and grow but forever not reachable.
Hard to believe but the solution is now available for rural communities and island to have a place on the network map, a technology that reunites the unreachable with the world. So let’s hear the very TNIB introduce itself

Who am I?

I am The Network In A Box Solution aka TNIB a low-cost alternative to high-end cell phone networks. A cutting edge technology to help rural citizens, build their private wireless networks.
I am a highly flexible mobile base station, compatible with various telecom technologies to render a robust communication network.

What can I do?

I help users build their private cellular network anywhere in their communities,villages, island, without depending on mobile operator services.

Why am I unique?

– I am a complete plug and play solution
– I am easy to assemble i.e. I come in a pre-fabricated industry grade metallic box, so you don’t have to configure wire cables of machine parts to assemble.
– No weather is harsh for me I am fully functional in temperature from -30 to +50 degrees
– I am environment friendly – no emissions, no pollution


Network-in-a-box solution


Am I expensive?

I am cheaper than an iPhone and as expensive as 12 bottles of Beer. I don’t need fuel, I can run on solar panels too, so no power cost. I am plug and play so no cable cost no manpower training cost, I can sustain any type of weather so no maintenance cost.
Need I say more!

What are my ambitions?

I believe every voice has the right to be heard, I believe mobile networks are peoples right and not a privilege. I believe a real development of a nation will only happen when they are able to bridge the digital divide.
And my ambition is to be of good use to all of them.

What do I get out of this

Everything and Nothing – Everything because helping communities be reachable would give me the world of happiness and its nothing since I believe that right to be heard, to be reached, to reunite with your family in a faraway land is a right, not a privilege.

So Let’s Reunite!

If you have any queries ask us on twitter with #AskTNIB. My friends at OMOCO and I will answer all your questions.
For details on OMOCO technology you can visit  Or follow the latest news on our twitter handle @omocogsm . Because it is your Right to Be Reachable!

OMOCO –Your Personal Cellular Network >Made By YOU!