The Magic Trick Revealed!

When large telecom firms failed to provide mobile network connectivity to Isabel Cosme’s remote community in Mexico, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Most of the people in her village owned a cell phone but had to travel many miles to receive a decent signal strength. Lack of connectivity with the rest of the world resulted in lack of information, benefits & development in the community. To make a difference Isabelle needed to bring the mobile signal closer home.

This is where Omoco’s little box of magic did the trick. This innovative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for wireless communication, Isabelle was able to set up a private GSM network and bring connectivity to her community, without professional help!

Omoco's network-in-a-box

This technology to set up a GSM/EDGE network, comes in a box and the process to create the network is as simple as plugging in a router! Moreover, it is solar powered so that communication is not interrupted by sporadic supply of electricity, characteristic in remote locations.

Omoco’s little box of magic is compatible with various wireless technologies. It can work using an IP based satellite backhaul, fixed lines or PSTN operators, integrate over an IP interface or use VoIP services through its Ethernet cable.

Setting up a telecom tower requires professional knowledge to install and maintain. Moreover it is capital and power intensive, making it a non-viable option for large firms and remote communities with low-income populace. Omoco’s little box of magic, on the other hand, is affordable, reliable, easy to install and maintain. Isabelle found it to be the perfect solution to fill the silence in her village with the mobile ringtones that connect and empower her people. Moreover, subscriptions and maintenance served as a good source of livelihood for the local operator and their team.

So go ahead, open the little box of magic, connect and empower your people!