Omoco @ SCWS 2016 – Building new connections!

SCWS 2016 Americas held at Dallas, Texas from 31st Oct – 2nd November, was a power-packed event. Major players in the telecom industry came together to discuss and explore path-breaking network solutions. We are proud to have been featured among them!

At SCWS, our GSM network-in-a-box solution piqued a lot of interest in big thinkers and decision makers who drive network deployments.  During the three action-packed days, our Deploy-It-Yourself network solutions,  for disaster-hit and remote areas, were a hit with a lot of attendees. Omoco’s portable disaster response kit can create a telecom network bubble and can be of great assistance during emergencies like earthquakes, flood, and other disaster situations. We had a lively discussion with  CTO Telefonica – Argentina, Adrian Dimeo for remote deployments and with Mr. Shinya from Softbank on the disaster response solution.  Their interest was certainly piqued by our Made in India Solutions.

omoco @ SCWS2016

One key session at the event was by Art King on opportunities and challenges of 5G and how Gigabit speeds can be achieved with cellular networks.  Though there is a lot of buzz around 5G,  we still have many geographical areas that are either not covered by any telecom network or have very poor network reception. At Omoco, we believe that these areas deserve our attention first & are on a mission to connect these places with the world.

Omoco was in the spotlight with a lot of interactions happening with CEOs to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be in charge of providing telecom connectivity in rural areas or within their own enterprises.  Spectrum provider, Straight Path communication, expressed their interest in our LTE solution for while talking about a higher GHz pan USA license.  We  spoke in-depth about our affordable GSM solar-powered solutions that make delivery of voice, SMS and data services in low-income rural areas which maybe off grid, a highly viable business.

Finally, SCWS ended on a really fun note with a Halloween party – making it an awesome wrap to the event! In case you missed us at SCWS Dallas, we are coming to Cape Town, South Africa for AfricaCom- Africa’s biggest tech event from 14th – 17th November. Hope to see you there!