Omoco and WX3 form an alliance for the Swedish market

Omoco has recently partnered with WX3, which provides voice and video services over IP (VOIP) to its customers, in Sweden. Together, we will offer a complete communication network solution to a multitude of enterprises in the country. So far, our technology is being used in rural communities with little or no network connectivity in remote areas of Indonesia, Africa and Latin America. Now, the company is looking to target urban applications for Europe, with Sweden as the lead market while being committed to supporting Sweden in becoming an R & D hub for ICT in the world.

Omoco & WX3 alliance for swedish marketMats Nilsson, Consultant, VNL Europe and Assisting Director, Wireless@KTH

Recently. at the inauguration of the Urban ICT Arena in Sweden, Omoco demonstrated the “network-in-a-box” solution that can be implemented seamlessly into an organization’s IT infrastructure as an easy to configure & maintain,  wireless router. The student lab at KTH has set up our network box that will be used to test the current IoT projects. The NIB solution was also a part of the tour during the opening ceremony.

At the Urban ICT Arena, Omoco together with Wireless @ KTH and WX3 pushed for OPEN 1800. OPEN 1800 is an infrastructure for development and education and also for small and medium-sized enterprises of various kinds. All sorts of verification of services based on 2G/2.5G can be made within the test area using the guard band spectrum. The infrastructure for testing is provided by Omoco’s NIB solution, as a full standard GSM/SMS/E-GPRS radio network in a single box.