Installing better capacity network with Micro Deployment

Growing business nitty gritties, demand for growing employee mobility, faster downloads, and less waiting. For any network, this means higher capacity, greater throughput, lower latency and more radio spectrum.

Better capacity network with micro deployment


As such, wireless data consumption is also on the rise. With the astounding increase in wireless traffic, enterprises & SMB owners have begun to realize that adequate wireless network & data coverage and capacity inside their buildings are equally important to their workforce, clients & of course end-user customers.

Today, as wide and clear network channels are a luxury unavailable to many, especially when considering remote islands, remote industries and rural geographies, the broad concern remains on how to  enable a seamless network, help these locations be connected and be free of expensive macro network installations. 2016-06-10 16-59-41


With more networks springing up each day, interruption-free telephony or basic voice network coverage is becoming an endangered species. Businesses, therefore, need to enable their connectivity by employing the MMN approach alias Micro Mobile Network, since you cannot expand your business if you cannot expand your network.

The MMN approach ensures:

  • Reliable connectivity with robust in-building coverage and an offload of traffic from the macro system.
  • Achieve a return on investment (ROI) and handle future capacity needs along with accommodating extensive data dependency by businesses.
  • Network flexibility that accommodates technology & energy equipment enhancements that are easily accessible for upgrades and maintenance.
  • A network design that takes into account the deep valleys, a skyscraper, hilly terrain or a water-locked island. Future-proofing the network for growth is a wise practice as per the venue.

As current estimates suggest, more than 60% of voice calls and 70% of data usage takes place inside buildings. Wireless connectivity has moved beyond a “nice-to-have” option for venues to a “must-have” necessity.

So how does MMN help firms be connected?

MMN approach by  Omoco ensures more network capacity, enabling networks, reach with interruption-free coverage to users, zero susceptibility to interference, no investment on towers and no praying to the weather gods to keep that weather clear.

With Omoco you get:

  • Ubiquitous coverage and reliable network
  • Network availability and accessibility for all employees
  • Cost & energy-effectiveness and ease of deployment
  • Invisible and aesthetic installation
  • Support for additional services
  • Private & safe communications
  • User-friendly installation that’s not disruptive to the venue

Businesses and remote geographies should have the right infrastructure in place to address increased wireless demand, while older venues need robust wireless coverage to remain relevant in the ever-changing market. Taking a simple & affordable long-term approach to wireless coverage ensures that the installation meets current and future needs without having to re-address coverage and capacity issues again.

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