How To Stay Connected In Zero Mobile Network Connectivity

Looks like a box works like your personal mobile network. That is the magic of The Network In A Box Solution (TNIB). An agile, super easy to implement, low-cost network signal generator; that produces wide range mobile network as per user requirement.
Standing close to windows, getting to an unobstructed location, holding your phone correctly or keeping your phone away from other electronic devices that might interfere with your reception, are the common tricks each one of us has tried to increase mobile network when we are at a remote place, socioeconomic zones etc.

Little that we realize that instead of claiming what’s rightfully ours we are at the mercy of mobile operators that charge heftily for sluggish mobile network and the user has no clue how tariffs are charges or how our call rates calculated; especially when most of the calls keep on dropping or when there wasn’t any signal at all.


Omoco in rural areas


The Network In A Box puts an end to your day to day troubles of poor connectivity. With the help of an off the self PC, GSM handset and a power source, you can kick start a wide range cellular network without any dependency on mobile operator based subscription services.

Here are some of its cool features:

1. All Weather Reliability: TNIB is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.It is compact, light weight hence no cooling, no cabinet, no shelter needed.

2. Environment Friendly : Zero Co2 Emission, Low Power consumption

3. Inbuilt GPS Antenna makes it safe and easy to assemble

4. Reduce Your Transmission Cost: A complete wireless setup – No more telephone fiber or leased lines.

5. Plug and Play solution for instant setup

6. Seamless Network Expansion: TNIB offers ability to expand the network via Ethernet.The unit directly contributes to your bottom line thus offering the most cost-effective way to provide high bandwidth across a wide area.

7. Single Integrated Voice and Data Solution: Voice and packet data services are multiplexed over Ethernet coming out of NIB. This provides ease of use for customers.

While even the remotest parts of the world have snazzy mobiles, a basic rightful cellular network is something residents of these areas have long been deprived of. The Network In A Box (TNIB) solutions is not only going to provide people of disaster prone areas, rural communities, entrepreneurs to start and be their own mobile operators, but can help protect their privacy, gain access to newer business opportunities and empower their communities.

Because a good mobile network is your right, not a privilege. To know more and for details visit or reach us on twitter for latest updates and ‘Right to Be Reachable Stories’

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