How I built My Personal Cellular Networks, When There Were None

Like many others, I too spent my childhood in a beautiful untouched village; draped in greenery and snuggled into the far away clouds. However beautiful it may seem, things were, and still are rough for the people in the remotest of locations. For them, the most important necessity of humankind ‘Communication’ remains a life struggle.

Everything from urgent medical care to being giddy with excitement when we received a call from our father at the community phone booth, or something as simple as being able to inform home that I will be late in the evening. We as locals had to ‘just deal with it’.
Being one of the few fortunate ones to be able to move to the city and receive formal education, I dreamt to make my village free of this curse of being ‘Not Reachable’.

Build personal cellular network

My education and drive to be able to do something for my community paid off, when I learnt, that  just about anybody can create an inexpensive cellular base station to make a call to anywhere in the world, I felt like a Magician!  Earlier the task of running a cellular network was usually reserved for major operators who are tariff hungry and have sluggish coverage. But there is an alternative technology which has many possibilities for us as a community.

We could acquire these economical, off the shelf , light weight , power friendly cellular networks boxes to place calls to our friends & families anywhere in the world . With minimal fee and all mobile compatibility, the technology has opened up many possibilities for my community. Everything from reaching out to hospitals, being in touch with our relatives and friends has become so easy.

Today my village remains the very few remote areas of Latin America that are able to make their voice heard to the world. I am proud I could make this happen for them, for Me, for all of us.
This is the story of  Dr.Anbessa Rios . He is a general physician at the community hospital at Santa Maria del Oro – in Jalisco, a remote village in Central –western Mexico. Who also is a proud customer and a social entrepreneur supporting the right to be reachable with OMOCO.
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