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DIY mobile network

You must have seen such images on our Facebook or Twitter channel, where we keep telling you that you can set up your private mobile network, on your own. Here we will show you how.

The complete mobile phone communication involves the following components – Your mobile phone, your friend’s mobile phone, Base Transceiver Station (BTS), Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and a satellite or fixed line over which MSC receives the signals.

As we mentioned in our last blog, a call is placed through this process – When you dial your friend’s number, your phone’s network connects to the nearest BTS to pick up the strongest signal. This tower/BTS is connected to an MSC.  On sensing the strongest signal of the nearest tower or BTS, the phone sends an originating message. This message includes your number, your electronic serial number, and your friend’s mobile number.

Once your number passes the verification check and acknowledgment by MSC, the BTS sends a channel assignment message to your phone to tell it where the conversation will be. This begins the call.

The BTS is responsible for bringing connectivity to your area and this is what a lot of places lack due to various challenges of setting up a traditional Base Station like high initial investment, low returns, lack of infrastructure to install and support it, high maintenance. This is where Omoco fills the gap.

A typical BTS majorly includes a tower or mast, sectoral antenna, Radio Base Station, Rectifier, Transmission Rack, Trunk, and Duplexers. In Omoco – it’s just a box.

All that tech in a box!

While purchasing the product, you can select the software requirements and Omoco DIY Network in a box will come with pre-configured hardware.

Place it anywhere

Depending on the terrain and the area your intend to cover, Omoco can be set upon the terrace, on a tree trunk, on a pole if there is geographical interference in receiving radio signal or anywhere else you deem suitable, to effectively receive a signal.

Integrate with all communication technologies

Omoco can easily be integrated with any mobile network or VoIP operator of satellite or fixed line.

Power it from the Sun

Use of diesel generators to power base stations require regular maintenance and are also expensive to run. Utilizing solar power to run the base stations not only helps in reducing the operational costs (Opex) to a bare minimum but also allow deeper penetration of mobile networks. This is where Omoco helps which consumes less power and can easily be connected to solar powered batteries to run in any type of terrain.

Low maintenance

Since the components involved in setting up a BTS involves a box and a power source, there is less maintenance required. Moreover, Omoco can withstand rugged weather conditions.

Plug-in, connect. No professional needed.

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