DIY GSM Technology: Delivering Faster Network To Connect The Unreachable

Mobile telephony has transformed access to communication in emerging markets. But rural areas have traditionally been no-go areas for incumbent telecommunication. Today about two thirds of the world population is covered by mobile phone signal, yet there are millions of people who don’t have access to mobile networks.

Meet  Isabel Cosme,  a social entrepreneur who vows to open up possibilities for the small communities of Mexico by enabling them with low- cost  mobile communication. Isabel says “ I am a mathematics teacher , & I love technology , having spent my childhood at foster parents,  I received formal education in the city. Only when I turned 18 my father brought me to see this beautiful community, which he later revealed was my birthplace. Initially shaken, it was actually the state of zero connectivity and lack of amenities was what I was taken aback by. I was instantly fueled with the intent to do something for my community’s welfare and I chose low cost DIY-GSM mobile network to start with.”

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Many like Isabel Cosme are taking matters into their own hands to enable themselves with the basic right of cellular network.  Businesses of today don’t see commercial gain in extending coverage to remote area due to heavy costs and geographical difficulty.

The DIY-GSM telephony also popularly known as Network in a Box makes use of basic radio signals to connect households and enables them to make calls anytime of the day without depending on mobile operator services.

Imagine a healthcare emergency or at times of natural calamity; with DIY GSM technology local NGOS’s , hospitals, community centers and neighborhood would have the power in their own hands to tackle the first level of accident reporting or evacuation without having to wait for administrative intervention.

Today she plans to set up mathematics & science study centres for children and encourages people of her land to be social entrepreneurs . She says it gives her immense happiness to be able to open possibilities for her birthplace and encourages many like her to take up the issue, of, the right to be reachable & empower people with the necessity of basic mobile network and end the digital divide.

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This story is about  Isabel Cosme ,a mathematics teacher turned social entrepreneur from Cancun,Mexico, who is happy to be able to give it back to her small village in Yucatan,Mexico and is also a proud supporter of the cause of the Right To Be Reachable for people deprived of cellular network.

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