Connected stadia

With the India-Australia ODI and T20I series round the corner, are you planning to watch the matches on television, or live, in the stadia?

As television screens become larger, the resolutions better, and broadcasts crisper, it’s become harder than ever to fill seats in stadia. After all, it’s difficult to compete with a stocked fridge and a comfy couch.

Difficult, but not impossible.

If you cater to the needs of today’s sports fans, that is eminently possible. For fans now have an insatiable digital appetite and demand an enhanced experience before, during, and after a major event. And that includes live broadcasts with multi-screens, interactivity, comfort, and hospitality. At the base of all of which is, of course, connectivity! Not just for fans, connectivity is also critical for staff, stadia owners, vendors, hawkers, and contractors – for failsafe and robust connectivity ensures new revenue streams; creating more business opportunities and better experiences.

With so many people at one location, the sheer challenge is the demand put on the network in a single session. We all know that feeling when sitting at an event – a cricket tournament, a baseball game, a concert– trying to send a text, make a card payment, locate the restroom, post a photo, check scores, upgrade seats or buy food.  And the phone, try as it might, just can’t get service, let alone internet access. It’s a feeling all too familiar – most stadia lag behind in terms of connectivity.

So, it becomes important for event management companies or venue owners to provide a private cellular network solution to enable connectivity for fans, retailers, kiosks and hawkers for enhanced experience and to carry out their retail transactions with guaranteed service levels.

Our solution:

Omoco offers a cost effective, private cellular network solution that gives access to voice and data services. It is easy to set up, and brings the control of network in the hands of event management company or venue owner, with no dependency on commercial mobile networks.

Omoco’s dedicated cellular infrastructure provides a variety of new services for better experience in-stadium. It lets staff and fans communicate using voice and SMS service. It creates one common private network for multiple merchants like ATMs, Kiosks, and POS. Vendors can sell food, beverages and merchandise pretty much anywhere in the stadium without requiring fans to leave their seats or spend a lot of time in lines for card transactions. The digital kiosks can be used for purchasing upgrades and merchandise, find venue maps, restrooms amenities and vendors. And in association with partner service operators, the private network can connect with outside networks too!

So, if you wish to extend connectivity to your stadium, get in touch with us right away!