6 ways an enterprise can benefit from a private mobile network

Analysts estimate that 40% to 60% of corporate communications take place inside a building. With corporate voice communication picking up, employees don’t want to feel burdened under intercom connections and prefer mobiles to serve for both personal and professional purposes.

enterprises with private mobile network



Furthermore, as existing in-building coverage solutions are difficult to install, a Private Mobile Network offers ray of hope for enterprises to own a secure mobile network. With a private network, uniform connectivity and call transparency can be ensured over mobile phones.

And the benefits aren’t confined to connectivity itself, let’s look at how you can benefit from owning a private mobile network.

Increased control

Improving internal communications is important for enterprises to speed up decision making and  reduce response times. To improve responsiveness, enterprises should look to provide quicker access to calls and passing queries to the appropriate person. A Private mobile network provides the solution to switch calls transparently and apply call routing via landline or mobile. With the result, corporate phone management becomes easy to control.  

Employee benefits

For an employee, staying in touch with his/her colleagues is essential to pass on information and communication to take business decisions. With a private mobile network, a mobile device serves as the single device to access and manage contacts. The benefit results in  hassle free communication among the employees.

Mobile workforce

Extending PBX functionality to a mobile handset means that these features are no longer restricted to the office worker and is available when away from the desk. A single fixed line number which will also reach their mobile ensures seamless accessibility. Hence, the slowness in delivery of solutions is minimized and employee productivity increases.  

Safety concerns

For businesses such as retail and logistics, maintaining contact with employees in large storage spaces and warehouses is made possible by having mobiles operate as PBX extensions. A private mobile network reduces the overall contact time, providing a platform for quick decision making.

Dedicated coverage

For enterprises, this can be a game changer as network congestion, and call drops impact productivity. Connectivity is essential for business continuity and a private mobile network ensures seamless coverage by providing voice network over mobile handsets. Despite of congestion over the macro mobile networks, a private mobile network can ensure sustained connection.

Cut the cord

As organizations move towards a flexible working culture, the need for desk phones for official communication doesn’t deem fit. Instead of staying tied to a desk, a Private Mobile Network enables ease of portability for communication, with PBX network connection made available over mobile phones.
For an enterprise, a private mobile network can spell benefits in the form of increased productivity and easily deployable network. If you are confused about setting up a private network, consider Omoco’s network in a box solution. It can deployed easily to improve the existing in-building coverage and extend communication.