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DIY Private Mobile Network Solution

About Omoco

We are a company driven by the vision to improve connectivity in remote locations and touch more lives. Headquartered in India, Omoco, a global mobile network provider, draws a rich pool of world-class engineering talent and best brains in the world. The team, by the sheer advantage of its lineage powered by Vihaan Networks Ltd. (VNL), has a successful track record in creating innovative wireless solutions. Omoco also translates its expertise to provide agile & stand-alone private mobile networks in rural communities, remote islands, enterprises and the latest IoT (M2M applications) to enable our users become a part of the wireless communication revolution.

Why Omoco

DIY private
GSM network

Create your own wireless communication network without any technical help. Set it up for communities, enterprises or yourself - works as good as any operator and works for everyone.

Up and running
in minutes

As quick as plug and play, Omoco network-boxes get to work in a dash. Make calls and get talking within minutes of setting up.

Save on installation expenses

Omoco is ridiculously light and reasonably compact - fit for a DIY installation. It is low on power consumption too. That means near-zero fitting costs and logical power bills.

Flexible interconnect

Connects easily to any VoIP operator. Shifts network gear from one operator to another without a glitch. No whirring network sounds and crystal-clear voice.

Connectivity is not a privilege

In a world that takes cellular connectivity for granted, what does it feel like to live without connectivity? Joel Aquino talks about how his village Yalayag has been waiting for connectivity for the past 27 years. You have the Right To Be Reachable Act today.